It’s what every seller wants – but how do you achieve it?

By choosing the right team. For us, it all comes naturally. Our responsiveness ensures you feel confident and comfortable with every decision; our marketing savvy nails the pricing, timing, and advertising of your listing; and our efficiency gets the job done with every detail covered, big and small. We’re on the ball from day one and keep the momentum going with top-notch strategies for selling a home in Etobicoke that produce fast and effective results for you.

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7 Steps to Selling a Home in Etobicoke

1. Choosing the Right Agent

With over 65,000 Real Estate Agents working in Toronto (TRREB), we know it can be tough to find one that has the experience and genuine care you need to sell with ease. See if we’re the right team for you by scheduling a no-obligation meeting with us. We’ll present our strategies for selling a home in Etobicoke, and present each client with a customized approach to each property.

2. Price with a Purpose

If we’re a good fit, we’ll immediately get started on pricing your home to maximize your profit. By combining our local and national market knowledge, an extensive Comparative Market Analysis of similar properties, and your unique needs, we’ll determine a price that results in more exposure, more showings, more offers, and a better return on your investment.

3. Prepare Your Home for Buyers

Your home’s condition is a major factor in how quickly your home sells and how much it sells for. We ensure your sale price is high and your time on market is low by advising you on staging, de-cluttering, repairs, and cleaning so your home amazes buyers.

4. Maximize Exposure with Fresh Marketing Strategies for Selling a Home

Ninety-four percent of buyers start their home search online, which means your home’s photography, marketing strategy, and reach needs to go above and beyond. We produce more online exposure and reach thousands of buyers through our ads; we know the importance of a strong online presence, and we know how to work it in your favour. Here’s some of what our marketing strategy includes:

  • An MLS Listing, with syndication to additional property websites
  • Exclusive/Coming Soon Listing while you prepare your home
  • Professional photography/videography & virtual tours – including drone photography/videography & 3D Matterport tours
  • Free Professional Staging Services – Staged homes sell faster! which is why we take the initiative and cover the staging costs for all of our listings
  • Free Professional Cleaning Services
  • Targeted Social Media ads directed at prospective buyers
  • Vibrant print ads, ‘Just Listed’ cards, and property brochures


Our Marketing Services

5. Show Your Home Off

Next, we get all of the eager buyers in the door and show off your property. Tip: Be out of the house during showings and be flexible when it comes to showing times. We’ll be updating you constantly during this time to ensure you are informed at every step.

6. Negotiate with Skill

We’ll walk you through every offer that is presented, weighing the offered price, conditions, closing date, and assets to determine the best offer to accept.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, the buyer will provide the deposit cheque, which will be held in trust until the conditions (on both sides) have been met. Once all conditions have been fulfilled, the final paperwork will be signed, the deal will be firm, and your home will be sold!

7. Calculate Your Net Proceeds

So, how much did you earn on your sale? To calculate your income, you’ll need to deduct (and pay) the legal fees, mortgage fees, disbursements, adjustments, and moving costs from the deposit. We provide a worksheet for determining your net proceeds in our Acri Team Home Seller’s Guide.

FAQ About Selling

Your home’s value is dependent on a few factors, including the home’s condition, location, age, and upgrades, the current real estate market, and comparable homes. It takes an expert’s opinion to really determine what your home is worth – get it today by completing the home evaluation form below.

This depends on your specific situation and financial capabilities. Let’s lay out the two options:

Buying First

The biggest benefit of buying a home before you sell yours is peace of mind. You won’t have a closing date pressuring you to settle for a home that’s not right, and when you do sell, you won’t have to rush to find a home – you may have even already moved. The biggest downfall is carrying two mortgages at once and the stress that it can bring if you’re not financially prepared for that real estate investment.

Selling First

When you sell your home before you’ve purchased a new one, you not only avoid the chance of carrying two mortgages at once, but you know exactly how much money you have to spend on your new home. This is a good option for those with a stricter budget. The downfall to selling first is that you’ll find yourself in a time crunch – once your home is sold and a closing date is set, you have a set amount of time to find the right home.

To determine the right course of action, it’s best to discuss these options with your financial advisor and real estate agent. There are strategies and conditions that can ensure you’re in a good position in either of these situations.

While the current market has the greatest impact on the value of your home, there are some things you can do to potentially get more buyers interested, more offers placed, and get more money for your home when selling. Start by following our listing preparation process, which includes decluttering, cleaning, making repairs, and staging. To drastically raise your home’s selling price, focus on big-impact renovations in the rooms that have the most value potential: the bathroom and kitchen.

Overall, spring tends to be the best time to sell a home. Why? It’s a combination of a few factors: Homes show better in the warmer months, the weather makes viewing homes – and moving – easier, buyers can use their tax refunds towards their costs, and those with school-age children can plan for a summer move that doesn’t interrupt the school year.

While this is a common time to sell and buy, it isn’t the only answer. If you’re not prepared to move, don’t force it just because of the season. No matter the time of year, our team will put the proper strategies for selling a home in place to prepare, market, and sell your home with the same determination and success.

When you sell, there are a number of closing costs that are to be covered, including:

  • Legal Fees: Approximately $1,000.
  • Mortgage Fees: Range from $100 – $250 for the discharge fee.
  • Disbursements: Range upwards of $500. Includes travel, copies, couriers, registration fees, etc. These may be built into your legal fees.
  • Adjustments: Cost is dependent on the potential overpayment or deficiencies on utilities, rents, mortgage interest, or property tax.
  • Moving Costs: These vary on your plan of action on moving day. Are you renting a truck or moving yourself? Factor in gas, rental fees, and moving supplies.

The answer to this one is simple: Just meet or have a chat with us. 416.882.8322, email us, or complete the form above to schedule a no-obligation meeting. If we’re a good fit, we’ll start the process then and there.

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