May 27, 2019 | Buying

For families looking to buy a home in the GTA, Etobicoke is a wonderful option. From its beautiful parks to its friendly community feel, this little corner of the world is the ideal place to put down roots. One of the biggest reasons for parents to consider Etobicoke is the quality of schools in the area. A quick survey of the academic institutions here will turn up stellar academic programs, top-notch facilities, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. With so many choices available, it’s important to get a sense of what’s out there—and make a truly informed decision.

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If you’re searching for the right Etobicoke school for your kids, here are five top picks you might want to consider…

1) Sunnylea Public School

Are you looking for a school where your child will receive plenty of individual attention? If so, Sunnylea Public School might be the perfect learning environment for your little one. This impressive institution has served the surrounding neighbourhood since 1942, and its reputation as one of the best schools in Etobicoke is well deserved. Thanks to its small size and community focus, Sunnylea is a place where students receive plenty of one-on-one support from teachers. The result is a set of high scores from Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO). These metrics measure students’ performances in reading, writing, and math—and at Sunnylea, recent tests place the vast majority of attendees at or above provincial standards.

The Sunnylea neighbourhood provides a charming, small-town environment for young families who choose to call the area home. This tight-knit feel is apparent at Sunnylea School, where community events like Family Fun Day encourage students and parents to connect with the local community.

2) John D Parker Public School

If you’re looking for a diverse school where your child can thrive, look no further. Located in Smithfield, John D Parker Public School is a place where kids from many different backgrounds come together to receive an incredible education. Students at this well-respected community school speak 26 different languages—and they perform exceptionally well on EQAO tests administered in English. These scores are a testament to John D Parker’s staff members, who are committed to providing the skills learners will need in the future (while also recognizing their unique backgrounds through diversity celebrations and other events).

If you’re considering John D Parker, you’ll be pleased to learn that Smithfield is a great neighbourhood for budget-conscious families. Convenient shopping plazas and an abundance of nearby recreational opportunities make the area convenient, while economical housing options ensure that it’s relatively affordable.

3) Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School

Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School offers a fantastic education that starts in junior kindergarten and continues through the eighth grade. For students, one of the biggest benefits of this structure is a smooth transition into middle school. With its caring teachers and impressive facilities, this school is the ideal place for your kids to spend several years preparing for secondary school. Humber Valley Village features all of the resources your children need to excel—including two mobile wireless labs, two gymnasiums, a science room, and a space devoted to visual arts. Like the other institutions on this list, the school also boasts top-notch EQAO scores.

Not only does Humber Valley Village provide students with a well-rounded education, but the area surrounding the school is one of the best places to raise kids in the GTA. Active families will love nearby St. George’s Golf and Country Club, not to mention the majestic James Gardens.

4) Rosethorn Junior School

Rosethorn Junior School provides an outstanding French Immersion education in the heart of Islington Village. While it’s proud to serve children in both official languages, that’s not all that Rosethorn has to offer. The school features a full roster of student events, before-and-after-school programs, and ongoing fundraising efforts—making it a fun and incredibly supportive place for children and parents alike. Rosethorn also fosters an interest in the environment and a sense of community pride in its attendees. Its naturalized schoolyard, which its students have played a role in maintaining, is a prime example. You can find Rosethorn’s impressive EQAO scores here.

Rosethorn Junior School is just one part of what makes Islington Village such a great place for families. This quaint neighbourhood offers eclectic boutiques and restaurants, convenient access to downtown Toronto, and a fantastic mix of older and newer homes.

5) Braeburn Public School

Like John D Parker, Braeburn Public School is a diverse educational institution for Etobicoke families. As part of the Model School for Inner Cities Project, this Rexdale school is committed to ensuring that its attendees receive the finest learning opportunities available. Staff members collaborate with the Etobicoke Children’ Centre, along with students from Humber College and George Brown College to create a truly supportive environment. Access to cutting-edge technology (such as iPads and Smart Boards) also play a role in preparing kids for the future. Simply put, Braeburn goes above and beyond to provide a fantastic education for kids—and its EQAO scores reflect that.

If you’re thinking of sending your kids to Braeburn Public School, you should get to know Rexdale—and what its communities have to offer. Situated in the majestic West Humber River Valley, this area is known for its diverse housing options and beautiful parks.

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