June 24, 2020 | Agents

Whether you’re purchasing a home or putting one on the market, the process comes with challenges. An experienced real estate agent can help you overcome them with ease, but only if they have the right knowledge. That includes local expertise—and a state of mind that’s focused on Etobicoke. Fortunately, the interview process gives you the opportunity to learn which experts are up to the task!

Here are a few things you should look for when you’re interviewing Etobicoke real estate agents…

Community knowledge

If you’re in the market for a new home, you want to feel confident that the area you choose is right for you. From schools to green spaces to commute times, an agent who knows what life is like in your communities of interest can help. When you’re selling, local expertise is just as important. A professional with in-depth knowledge of your neighbourhood can target the right buyers—and market your home more effectively.

From the prestigious Kingsway to trendsetting Mimico, Etobicoke is unique. The strategy that works best for you will depend in part on where you’re looking to transact. As professionals who live, work, and raise a family in Etobicoke, we know what a special place it is—and we put every bit of that knowledge into getting results for our clients!

Etobicoke Real Estate Agents

Process proficiency

Of course, community expertise isn’t enough to ensure real estate success on its own. Working with someone who has a complete understanding of the buying and selling processes is just as crucial.

If you’re a buyer, your agent should help you obtain mortgage pre-approval, navigate the home hunt, and make an attractive offer. If you’re a seller, they should assist you in preparing, pricing, and marketing your home for success.

A professional with a stellar track record and plenty of industry experience will take the stress out of your transaction. To find the right agent, ask interviewees as many questions as you need to in order to understand their approach.

Local market expertise

Home prices can vary from one part of Etobicoke to the next. Fortunately, understanding the local market—and how it’s changing—can help you take quick, decisive action.

Buyers should work with an agent who knows how much homes are being listed and sold for across Etobicoke. Armed with this information, they’ll be in a better position to represent you during negotiations.

As for sellers, seeking out a professional who can pull together an informative comparative market analysis is key. This useful document will look at how much money properties like yours, in your area, have sold for recently. It’s an incredibly helpful tool when you’re trying to set just the right price.


Financing know-how

Most buyers need a mortgage to purchase a home, but getting one can be a bit of an ordeal. Luckily, an experienced agent can simplify things. They’ll have a solid understanding of how financing fits into the larger picture— and reliable lenders within their network.

As Etobicoke real estate agents who help buyers at every step, we’ll put you in touch with mortgage professionals who are suited to your situation. We want to see you obtain a great rate—and get through the lending process seamlessly.

Marketing skill

When it comes to selling real estate, marketing matters. Your property may be the biggest investment a buyer ever makes, which is why ensuring it stands out is critical. A skilled seller’s agent can help by creating a strategy that not only targets the right buyers, but allows them to see your listing as their dream home.

To assess a professional’s marketing abilities, ask to see some materials they’ve used to promote homes in the past. If they’re eye-catching, polished, and engaging, it’s a good indication that the agent knows their stuff.

Negotiation prowess

Whether you’re buying or selling, negotiations can have a major impact on your bottom line. That’s why it’s always best to work with someone who knows the power of bargaining. Look for a professional who does their local research, understands buyer and seller psychology, and works well with others.

When you’re interviewing an agent, ask about their approach to negotiations. While you want someone who will advocate for your interests, they should also have a win-win mentality. Remember that cooperation can lead to significantly better outcomes.

A strong online presence

Etobicoke Real Estate Agents

Last but not lease, presentation matters. The Etobicoke real estate agents you choose should appear professional online—a sign that they’ll represent you with care. While you’re Googling, don’t forget to read those reviews! There’s no better way to learn what working with someone is really like than through their past clients.

With the number of steps involved in buying or selling a home, there are many opportunities to get it wrong. A skilled and experienced Etobicoke agent can prevent that from happening. Are you ready to start working with a local expert?

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home in Etobicoke? We can walk you through the process to help you make a more informed decision. Get in touch to discuss your needs today!