July 27, 2020 | Mississauga

Are you thinking of settling down in Mississauga? In any city, finding the right family-friendly neighbourhood can take some work. There are many things to look out for—from quiet streets to accessible parks to convenient amenities. But for most families, one of the most important is the quality of local schools. Fortunately, the City of Mississauga has a wide variety of learning environments to suit every student.

If you’re looking to give your kids the best possible education in Mississauga, here are five schools to consider…

1) Plum Tree Park Public School

Plum Tree Park has several claims to fame, including a score of 7.4 from the Fraser Institute. That’s a very respectable number, given how comprehensive the school rankings from this national think tank are. Students here also do well academically, and the proof is in their EQAO scores. The vast majority of third and sixth graders (the groups tested) are at or above the provincial standard for reading, writing, and math.

Thanks to its bilingual environment, Plum Tree Park is also a great place to send your little ones for both French and English instruction. The school even simplifies homework by providing online access to assignments and resources.

2) Tecumseh Public School

The beautiful suburban neighbourhood of Lorne Park is home to one of the best schools in the city. Tecumseh is known for its dedicated staff, its focus on literacy and math, and it’s diversity. The students and teachers come from over 28 countries, which helps explain why everyone here feels so at home.

From its two recently-renovated gyms to its abundance of technology (there are plenty of iPads to go around), Tecumseh Public School gives kids access to everything they need to succeed.

3) St. Rose of Lima Public School

If you’re hoping to give your children a top-notch faith-based education, look no further than St. Rose of Lima. This Catholic school is dedicated to instilling Christian values in its students, and the quality of instruction it provides is impressive by any measure. In fact, St. Rose of Lima receives an incredible 9.4 ranking from the Fraser Institute—and its pupils achieve high EQAO scores.

Of course, there are other perks of choosing this Catholic institution. They include (but aren’t limited to) a gifted program for grade 7 and 8 students, and one offering extended French for those in grades 5 through 8.

4) Forest Avenue Public School

Are you looking to send your child to an established school with a long history of providing quality education? If so, Forest Avenue Public School may be the right fit. This small educational institution, located in vibrant Port Credit, has been around since 1917.

Forest Avenue has long been known for its committed staff members, who work closely with pupils, parents, and the broader community. That dedication helps explain why students perform well academically, scoring impressively on the EQAO’s tests. They also tend to have a well-rounded learning experience—one that includes opportunities to join a wide variety of clubs and activities.

5) St. Helen Separate School

St. Helen is another great option for parents who want their kids to get a first-rate Catholic education. In addition to receiving a solid 7.9 from the Fraser Institute, this Mississauga separate school offers a wide variety of extracurriculars, such as choir, intramurals, track and field, volleyball, and Eco Club.

Instruction at St. Helen is both progressive and anchored by the Catholic faith. Peruse the school’s website, and you’ll find thoughts on everything from growth mindsets (whereby challenges are viewed as opportunities to grow) to the benefits that non-native English speakers can achieve by using other first at home.

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