May 29, 2020 | Homeowners

There’s no place like home, especially when you live in a cozy, low-maintenance condo. Of course, your living space can be your favourite place in the world and still have room for improvement. With a few design tweaks, most small to mid-sized units could feel more inviting, more spacious, and (when the time comes to sell) more appealing to buyers.

Here are five simple upgrades you can use to beautify your condo and boost your return…

1) Refresh your paint

Painting your home is one of the least expensive ways to liven it up. By applying just the right shade to your walls, you can completely change the way you feel when you step into a room. For example, green can evoke nature, while yellow tends to be cheerful. Light colours generally make a space feel larger, but painting your baseboards white can have a similar effect if you choose to go darker.

When it comes time to sell, the right hue can actually boost your home’s value. That’s why you may want to lean towards neutrals if you’re thinking of selling in the not-too-distant future. Certain shades of grey, blue, and even beige can add thousands of dollars to your sale. Your agent can help you land on the ideal colour as part of your home preparations.

2) Replace your hardware

Compared to painting your walls, replacing your faucets, cabinet handles, and doorknobs may seem like a minor change. Fortunately, it’s sometimes the little things that make the biggest difference. Outdated hardware can detract from the overall look of a condo, while more sophisticated pieces can elevate it to win buyers over.

While chrome may have been in fashion a few years ago, that’s no longer the case. Brushed metal finishes and streamlined shapes are safe bets, but antique options can also work well depending on your condo’s overall aesthetic. The bottom line? A few stylish fixtures are well worth the modest investment.

3) Make small kitchen improvements

Time and again, studies show that home hunters pay close attention to the kitchen. If the heart of your home is looking out-of-date, you may get a much lower return than you otherwise would on your condo. Of course, not everyone has the budget to gut and completely remodel this all-important room. Luckily, small improvements can also pay off.

Refinishing or refacing your cabinets—as opposed to completely replacing them—is a great example. This relatively simple update can instantly make your kitchen (and your home) feel more contemporary. The same is true of task lighting, which can easily be installed under cabinets to make food preparation easier.

4) Consider new appliances

Few things date a condo like appliances that are over a decade old. From your fridge to your stove, updating these necessities can make day-to-day tasks that often feel like chores a little more enjoyable. It can also make your condo more appealing in the eyes of future buyers, who may not want to sink more money into renovations once they move in.

If you’re replacing major appliances, just be aware that your standard insurance may not cover them. As a general rule, you should also check in with your condo board before making any substantial upgrades.

5) Add storage

When it comes to condos, storage is at a premium. Unfortunately, you can’t extend your square footage to store more stuff. What you can do is make the most out of what you have. In many cases, a few small additions to your existing space can help you keep your belongings organized.

From shoe racks to hangers for your pots and pans, there are all kinds of small purchases that can help maximize your storage. That said, adding shelving—whether it’s inside your closets or along your walls—is often the best way to or stow away your possessions while ensuring you have plenty of open condo space.

Thinking of putting your condo on the market? Learn more about the home preparation process—and how we can help!

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